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check out my bright red ss conversion!

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So after days of looking on ebay and searching and posting on forums ive got my grill and bumper...only thing im lacking is the wheels...COMMING SOON!!!:woot:


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looks nice. did you change out the back bumper too?
Looks sweet! :D
YEA i did the rear one too but havent gotten it painted..ill post pics when it gets complete:thumbsup:
Still need the fogs and lower grille inserts for the bumper though man...looking good, bright red is definitely NOT a factory color!
looking good :thumbsup:
only thing im lacking is the wheels
And the killer V8 :x

But it looks nice :yes:

Nice, Where in TX?? Check out the South Chapter
looking good man!! :thumbsup:
:eek: i love bright colors, was gonna do my blazer bright red but decided to go bright blue instead. im glad you posted this at least i got to see it on another members truck if not my own. looks super good man but i want to see some pics in the sun and also some side pics.
Looks GREAT, I am still debating weather or not to do this mod :)
ill post some picks in the light this just getting the rear bumper painted. cant wait. :woot:
Thats HOT!:thumbsup:

only thing im lacking is the wheels...
And interior...

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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