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When I measured the EV fan airflow I noticed something. There was a bunch of Hot air being pulled over the top of the radiator and around the sides in the bumper area.

The Hot air over the top is the largest and an easy to fix issue. Notice there is a plastic shield on top that is supposed to prevent this? It doesn't. With it removed I can stick my hand through from the "under hood hot air" side to the "cold air side". The fix is simple foam pipe wrap insulation from the hardware store. Simply pop up the plastic shield, put the foam in and put the shield back on. You want the large pipe round foam and wedge it to seal the top of the radiator. The entire top of the radiator is affected and needs to be sealed.

I have not attempted to fix the bumper area. GM has some rubber air dams atached to the shroud already there. You want to concentrate on the passenger side for the most effect on the AC as this is where the liquid line leaves. The cooler the liquid the better the AC works.

These hot air recirculation points are the cause of the AC output air warming up with engine temperature. Why? Because the Engine' hot radiator air is warming up the condenser rather than cooling it!

Pipe insulation pic to the right of last pic.


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