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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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Hi everybody, I need some help asap.

My battery went out last January in a remote place and I had Walmart replace it. The genius over-tightened the positive terminal and it loosened over time(stripped threads) allowing corrosion to set in.

A couple days ago, the terminal finally went kaput. It basically acted like a dead battery. I got the connection to hold for a bit, and started off to Wallyworld for warranty replacement. When I started the car back up, it was running really rough. We drove it for a few miles and they replaced the battery, but it was really rough and would stall immediately on startup unless I gave it gas. It would die again if I turned on AC. I ran the SES code and it was 0305. Last night I replaced the #5 coil, and after clearing the codes and a bit of driving it started running fine. This morning, it started stalling again. I partially cleaned the throttle body(mostly opening and flapsince I didn't have time to take the whole thing off. I replaced the #5 plug as well, and while still a bit rough, it ran ok. Now it's crazy rough again and throwing a 0301 code(#1).

The alternator was tested and it's great as well. Could the battery issue have fried the coils, or killed the plugs? This is the main family car and I have to figure this out quickly. Please help if you have any ideas.

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