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Hey to all...wife caught in flash flood at mall.(about 2 - 3 ft of water) Let the truck dry over night and it started up.

But now it idles too high and is having trouble going into 1 & 2 gear. it seems to do fine shifting after 2 gear. No previous problems at all.

Anyone have ideas on what i can do to fix this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

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First Welcome to the site .. :tiphat

Second . if the water was 2 to 3 ft high and the truck does start up and run, then that is half the battle and acctually a good thing. Just cause it sat and dried out over night does not mean everything is dry nor was anything damaged .

Did water enter the pasenger compartment? Could be damp fuse blocks and or replays both there and under the hood.

Water may still be lingering .. you might need to use a compressor and blow dry everything

Any warning light? Gauges seem ok? Did you hook up a scanner to the diag port?


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:iagree:Overnight isn't going to get everything dry, especially if water
got inside any of the weather proof connectors on the transmission
or inside the cab.

It is definitely good that it started at all, but you might have to give
it more drying time, or else get more pro-active and go pulling and
drying any connectors that might have been submerged.

Check the transmission fluid. There are connectors, vents and linkages
that could have been affected by the water. If any managed to get in,
that would cause problems with the clutches and valves. What I suspect
is that an electrical connector got wet, and is sending the wrong signals
to the controls in the transmission. If water actually got *in* the trans.,
I'd expect it to effect the whole thing.

It's also possible that the shift problem is being caused by the PCM giving
incorrect commands to the trans due to a wet or damaged sensor elsewhere
on the vehicle.

Check for disconnected vacuum lines, too.

Give it more drying time, try to help it along where you can, and see if
it improves.

I take it the CEL is not on?

Glad the only damage was the truck, and no-one got hurt!

Welcome to Trailvoy!

Good Luck!

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