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Can't get my Sweeties window to work

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:thx Hello Everyone, (Love the Internet) with forums like this I can't believe some web pages try to sell help to you. First off like to thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge...
I'll try to keep it most informative yet short as possible.
I did search the first 3 pages of new post of this problem and did'nt find the info I needed. My issue is 2002 envoy sle passenger window wont work by means of master switch and passenger door switch, neither does passenger door mirror and lock. however, after my sweetie had spent almost $2k on dealer control modules both master and passenger to no avail, prior to meeting up with her on the beautifull beaches of florida. I decided to see if with my shade tree mech. skills if I can fix whats already broke, rite...
this is where I am hung up. I can get passenger window up and down by jumping the passenger side window power connector that plugs into the module. as i have mentioned earlier both master and passenger modules have been replaced before. I'm stuck thinking that with key on I can jump the connector yet the module wont do it, got to be module then rite???. Also have check connection at the door hinge, all seems fine. The master switch controls all other windows fine, just not the passenger door and lock and mirror and passenger module doesnt seem to do nothing, not even a little noise. Sorry if I carried on to much, just wanted to give you as much to work with as possible. Thank You all so much.
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Hey Bartonmd, I tried that but you know they dont listen. passenger side,There is a connector that has four wires within it, a hot,ground&blue and orange that plug into the module rite directly below the window switch on the same module. there is power to it and grounded cause I can operate the window by jumping the wires with a (2) paper clips, that reverse polarity thing. but when its pluged into the module window will not work. there are to other connectors plugged into the module, my guess lock and mirror. are you saying a different hot wire could be the culperet. Thanks for the quick reply chief. Tom
Neighbor Jimmyjam sounds like your in pinellas county also, love it down here.
the only way to lock the door is manually as far as the dome light not sure but i doubt it. but it sounds like you might be on the rite track cause I cant figure out my the master control works fine that is except for the passenger door functions, can you explain more to me on that logical input thingy. Thank you neighbor
jimmyjam-thanks for explaining that, I'm with ya now. Qauker steak and lube, rite up the street, well 20 min. anyway. been by there a few times alot of events seem to go on there, never have stopped though. Will have to do it in october, definitley if not fixed by then. I hate to get another module when the dealer replaced both already and still don't work. but what you say makes sense. was thinking of putting a dpdt switch in the console but would much rather do it rite, if I can. The only problem I got with starky's is their prices, know what I mean. sure it's cheaper than a new one though.
jimmyjam-mighty nice of ya, I could be in the neighborhood this weekend if your available. My girl works long hours and weekends all we got. but that would be great. I did'nt realize they were that cheap on ebay, I was thinking couple bills anyway. Never been to big3 but I am a regular at cophers rite behind there, My 97 sebring jxi conv. just loves that place. really appreciate your help on this...
Jimmyjam-quite nice of ya, I already posted this once but can't find it anywere and has been a bit since your last reply, So if this shows up twice people SORRY. back to were I was at-I see your in clearwater, If your weekends are free we could do that. My ladie works long days, weekends all we got. I figured a module be a bill or two anyway. did'nt realize they were that affordable. Been by big3 but never in it. My 97 sebring jxi conv. and I visit Cophers U pull it rite by there all to often. I'll try and PM ya, and work on a time and day, Thank's Jimmyjam
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