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2004 gmc
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Sorry, I have the shop manual but no scanner tonight.

The solenoid requires a good ignition switch to power up the RUN/START bus. Then it goes through the BACKUP lamp fuse (underhood fuse 27). Then to the PARK/NEUTRAL interlock switch on the transmission. Then back to the underhood fuse block fuse #25, labeled BTSI. One wire connected to that fuse goes to a lt gn/bk wire on one solenoid connected to the shift lever. The other one goes through the stop lamp switch on the brake pedal, also a lt gn/bk wire. Coming out of the brake lamp switch it's a dk gn/wh wire that goes to the other solenoid on the shift lever. And both solenoids depend on a good ground on a black wire.

Assume your ignition switch and battery are good.
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