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MOSTLY, "Fog lights" are a total waste of time, money, effort, and enthusiasm.

Morons turn them on...and leave them on for the life of the vehicle. This is and rightfully should be illegal. I see dirtbags with four and even six lights on the front of their vehicle, when there's oncoming traffic, and even in daytime. There's no end of stupid and inconsiderate people.

REAL fog lights are somewhat useful in fog. You'd turn the fog lights on, and turn the headlights off. But what's sold as "fog lights" are neither wired properly, nor aimed properly to do a decent job.
You are correct about the Morons. Unfortunately, they seem to propogate.

Having lived 50 years in fog country, over the course of every decade, there were always a few nights in the country they came in handy. Of course, they have to be REAL fog lights (yellow) and they must be aimed properly or they become worthless to you and dangerous to others. If your speed never drops below 35 MPH, you don't need them.
BTW: it is ILLEGAL, at least in California, to drive in the dark without headlights on with your fog lamps.

Personally, I find DRIVING lights to be much more useful and used quite often on my Pontiac, but not, alas on the TB which fortunately has pretty decent factory spec bulbs, so I don't miss them.
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