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2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer
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So im new to all this, and ive been trying to educate myself. [please help me]
- So im trying to replace my Headunit, two front dash tweeters, two front door speakers, and two rear speakers.

The thing is my trailblazer comes with the bose sound system with RPO code UQA.
- So i learned i would need a wiring interface to keep the features that come with the vehicle like OnStar, Factory amp, and like steering wheel controls.
PAC RP5-GM11 Wiring Interface


- But then i decided i want to switch out the bose amp with a aftermarket amp, because i wanted to add two 10" subwoofers, so im pretty sure im going to need to run a 8 channel amp, unless im wrong. [still trying to educate myself on how amps work, and whats compatible with what]

Here's where im stupid:
-im not sure if there is a way to keep all those features while using an aftermarket amp, like would i still need the interface since im replacing the amp?

-i figured i could still use the interface and just use the wires connected to the Bose amp, and connect those wires to the new amp. But im not even really sure if i could just do that lmao

-like, since i plan on using the metra 72- 4568 speaker wiring harness to connect my speakers, i figured there was a way for me to just use the factory wires already going to the stock BOSE amplifier to connect to the channels of the new amp im trying to use? that way i wouldnt need to rewire all the speakers to my new amp , and this goes back to my first question, if im able to keep the onstar and whatnot, but if im not able to keep those features, thats totally fine.

I plan on using JL audio equipment.
-For the amp, i plan on using the 8-channel car amplifier - 75 watts RMS x 8
----- I saw on another thread that its best to use an amp that runs 75 watts RMS , since my goal here is to keep the factory wiring, the wires are best used with amps like these. This was the only 8 channel amp i could find that had those specifications

But like i said im stupid when it comes to this lol, im still trying to learn how car audio works and stuff.
The price for everything is roughly 2,500.
---So i dont want to buy everything and realize half of it i cant even use D:

If anyone can give some hints, clues or answers or another way to do this, ID HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT!
I mean i couldve just brought it to some professionals but with everything im trying to add, the price would atleast reach 7,000 or more because of labor pay and whatnot xD so im just trying to avoid that.
Also i genuinely want to learn how to do this, because itll just be a badass skill to know. So if you guys could help me out, that would be great! <3
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