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2003 Trailblazer LT 4.2 2WD
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I'm quite confident that I have this right but would like other sets of eyes to see it before I commit to buttoning things up.

The marks on the sprockets coincide with colored chain links, as pictured. The mark on the crank sprocket aligns with a dark link as well. Camshaft flats are pointing straight up. Cylinder #1 is at TDC. I turned the crankshaft 14 revolutions, bringing things back into the above described alignment; no sort of interference was noted.

What is unclear to me is the part where my manual advises me to turn the exhaust cam actuator fully clockwise before tightening the bolt, to avoid engine damage. Is it referring to the endcap (the part bearing the Delphi logo). If so, that only moves about 1/16" in relation the the main body of the actuator. Is that right? I can't imagine that that small amount of difference could cause engine parts to collide.

I should add that when the actuator assembly is bolted to the camshaft minus the chain, I can rotate the sprocket clockwise around 25 degrees against what feels like spring pressure. It returns to a fully counterclockwise position upon releasing it. I'm assuming that this is normal and is what happens when conditions call for cam timing advance.

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