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Pre-Order Form Link - Click to order by Sept 21st!

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the Group Buy survey! The results are in - Chevrolet Trailblazer Pocket Style Fender Flares with 1.50 in. of tire coverage is the far and away winner!

Time is limited, if you haven't filled out the survey already you have to fill out the Pre-Order form by September 21st, 2011 for the Group Buy offer to continue!

Group Buy Questions & Answers (Updated September 7th, 2011)

Q: How many participants are required for this Group Buy offer?

A: We will require 250 individual preorders and down payments for the Group Buy to proceed. The preorder window closes on September 21st, 2011. If 250 preorders are met by September 21st, 2011 we will send you an email via Paypal for the $250.00 down payment. The $250.00 payment must be made by October 21st. If 250 preorders are not met by September 21st, 2011 the Group Buy offer will be discontinued.

Q: Will there be an GMC Envoy Fender Flare?

A: Sorry, no. The survey results were conclusive, by a 30:1 margin of Trailblazer to Envoy Fender Flare requests.

Q: What will the final price be?

A: Final pricing will be $349.00 for the Pocket Style Fender Flare. This is up to a $119.00 discount under MSRP @ $468.00 for the Pocket Style set, plus shipping.

Q: How much will shipping be?

A: We're planning on offering a flat rate of $75 per Fender Flare set in the lower 48 states, UPS Ground only. $100 per Fender Flare set for Alaska and Hawaii. International shipping will require a custom quote.

Q: When the minimum order requirements are met and the down payment window is closes, how long will it take for the Fender Flares to be manufactured and delivered?

A: We estimate our tooling and manufacturing build time within 90 days. Shipping is UPS Ground from Portland, Or.

Q: How much will I owe when the product is ready to ship?

A: When the Fender Flare set is approaching ship date, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the balance of $99.00, plus shipping.

Q: Will you make this product anyway? Can we just wait to order it from a local Preferred Dealer or

A: No, we will not make this flare unless it goes through this one-time-only group buy. The large costs involved in making a fender flare require us to only make this flare available as a group buy.

Q: If this group buy program succeeds, will a Trailblazer or Envoy Fender Flare be available through Bushwacker dealers?

A: Yes

Q: Can I have my down payment returned if I change my mind before the final product ships?

A: No, unfortunately all commitments are final for this group buy offer if the order meets the 250 preorder requirement. If we are not able to collect all 250, $250.00 down payments by October 21st, 2011 we will issue a refund of your down payment.

Q: Will this Fender Flare offer the same materials and warranty as your other Fender Flares?

A: This Fender Flare will use the same Dura-Flex® 2000 ABS material available in our other Chevrolet Fender Flares. It will also include our standard Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Q: Will this Group Buy offer be available outside of the United States?

A: Yes! Custom shipping charges apply. We will notify you of those charges before shipment.

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shipping charge.

If i live in portland can I bypass the shipping charge and just pick the flares up at your location
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