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2002 olds bravada
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Today I started my Bravada (AWD) and drove to a friends house and the trip there was fine. But then when I began to back up and turn the steeting wheel all the way to the right the vehicle would not move. even applying gas would barely move the vehicle. I was almost like trying to move the vehicle with the barking brake. I could hear the wheels trying move while in the turn but they were not able to. I took my car to a local mechanic and test drove it onhis property and from what he assessed that the brakes were locking up during turning in Reverse and Drive. I took the ABS fuse out and everything but that did not seem to help either. Any ideas on what it could be??

**I did replace the brakes about a year ago and they do not feel funny or anything. They are working normally.
**There is a new vibration feeling through my car and through the steering wheel.
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