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Discussion Starter · #1 · last fall (fall of 2012) I did a brake job on my car. New rotors and pads. After that I could tell there was a difference i.e. I could tell I had better brakes. But I still noticed a slight difference in the effort needed to stop. Well, about a month ago, it started getting worse. My brakes were actually smoking and it took a lot more braking to stop the car. My dad and I replaced both front calipers, just because we figured it would be better to do it now. We got loaded calipers from Napa. I can't remember which side it was but I think it was the passenger side (right) that the rotor was worn funny and the pads were shot. When we had finished putting everything together when my dad noticed that there was a grinding noise; I had noticed grinding from the drivers side whenever I had braked. We found the backing plate to be slightly bent so he bent it back straight and that has been good ever since.

Well, eventually within a week I had noticed that my brakes were smoking really bad again. So we replaced the passenger side caliper again (we even got a defective loaded caliper, the bleeder had stripped threads, we got a warranty right away.) And at that time or around we replaced the brake lines on both sides. This is because usually this problem would gradually get worse. Usually I would be on my way home from work and the problem would seem to be the worse when I would get home (25 mile, 20 minute drive). A competent, experienced auto mechanic told us he's seen where the lines can deteriorate to the point where they develop flappers.

Well, ever since then, it seems to have been a lot better, but what I have noticed is that it still takes a lot of effort to brake and when I get home from work, the passenger side is hotter and smells like burning brakes, more so than the driver's side.

The pedal never sinks, so I don't know if this would be a master cylinder. I know it's not a brake booster, because usually when those go bad the brake pedal is super tight. We took the vacuum hose off of the booster just a few days ago, because I thought it could be a leak, and the booster is holding vacuum. The only time the brake pedal sinks is only on a few occasions: either when I put it into park or turn the air conditioning off...the pedal will sink. And it's not to the floor and it's fine after that.

It seems like it varies for the braking...while I'm driving sometimes it seems like it doesn't take a lot but then it does. So I don't know what this is but help would be greatly appreciated!

Bobby :bonk:
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