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Brake Job Question

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Hello all,
I have a 05 Saab 97x with 60K and looks like I need to replace all four. Is this a job for a DIY? I've never done brakes before and I'm looking for some feedback if changing out all four rotors and pads is something I could do and if so do I need any special tools.
Also anyone know if the pads and rotors on the 97x are the same as whats on the trailblazer??

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if they are the same--- then the fronts are super easy.
nearing 145,000- I have yet to touch the rear pads or rotors.
If you dont have a torque wrench- get one- especially for the lug nuts.
but I find that the brakes on the TB are the easiest Ive ever worked on- (at least the fronts)
if youre not turning or replacing the rotors- then you dont need to remove the bracket.
the pads slip on to that bracket thing.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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