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Bose 6 CD Changer S-List

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In my 04 GMC Envoy XUV SLT 4WD I have the optional Bose 6 CD Changer with the s-list (track info) button. I have tried what seems like everything to get this function to work, but it always "NO TRACK INFO" and "S-LIST EMPTY". Is there a format or a program to burn CD's so this information appears?

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its listed in the manual... in order to create the song list.. has nothing to do with the cd burned... on a song u want on the list u gotta hold down that or some other button to add it to the play list...

check out the manual.. its listed in there...
S-List stands for "Song List", it has nothing to do with the track information.

S-List is for making a playlist of up to 20 songs chosen from any of up to six discs inserted into the CD changer.

So for example you could play tracks 1-4 off disc one, then play tracks 4,7,and 9 from disc 5 and so on without having to change songs/discs manually.

To do this...

Make sure the display doesnt say s-list on it, if it does press the button to turn it off. Load some CD's, go to the first song you want hold S-List for two second until it beeps. Go to the next song you want, and hold the button for two seconds, and keep repeating for all the songs you want. Then press the S-List button, and it will display S-List on the screen, and begin playing all of the songs you programed.

Just read it out of my manual.

(my button actually says "song list" not "S-List" but it is the same thing.)

06 Trailblazer LT with Bose 6CD changer, and XM

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Thanks. Will look in my manual again, but I did not se it the first time. Good info.

Thanks again! Will let you knwo if that works!

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