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Body/Suspension lift?

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So I have done some searching on the entire forum. And I just cannot find the answer to my question. I just turned 16 and bought myself an 03 tb with the I6 and 4x4. Ive figured out all the mods I want to do but some are questionable so I figured Ill start with this one ;) Is there any possible way to fit a body lift and a suspension lift on my tb. I bought a set of 18 inch 33s from a friend for $100 with about 80% tread left and Im wanting to slap them on there. I know Ill be putting an adapter/widener to make the 18" rim fit, but Im just wanting to get it lifted as high as possible. So is it possible to put on both lifts at once?
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Yes it is possible to combine the lifts.
Everything you need is on the lift shop page in my website.
mark is the man to go to.. but also check out for everything lifted/offroad for our trucks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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