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My girlfriend has an 06 Trailblazer LS that she bought from Carmax back in January 09. It has had a few problems over the past few months but nothing serious until now; the other day when she turned her A/C on, it was working then it stopped for an instant before restarting again. She parked to run an errand and when she left, she turned the A/C back on only to find it wasn't working. I had a look at it when she got home and it's not the A/C that isn't working (you can hear the compressor when you turn it on) but the blower as no air comes out whether the A/C is on or not.

I have looked around on the boards and have found that the most common cause for this problem is the blower resistor under the glove box. This morning I had a go, unscrewed the plastic "kick plate" and let the dash down. I hooked a meter up to the blower motor while the car was running; I then had a friend turn the blower on so I could see if any power was getting to the motor - 14V at every speed 1-5. Now does this mean that it could still be the resistor pack (I don't see how seeing as the motor is getting power from the battery) or is it in fact the fan?

If someone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated because SC in July with no A/C is a bit hot and I don't want the girlfriend to shrivel up!


You may need the blower motor itself. Try jumper wires to see if the motor works.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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