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big ed has reported a post.

who the hell are these guys, some of tonys boys? from the "OTHER" site?

PS: plus from the looks of it they're going hog all the dyno time anyway, 1 spot open friday, 1 spot open saturday, and 4 spots open sunday, once everybody leaves on sunday then you get a turn.
Post: Blackbear tuning meet in KC - June 5-7th
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Posted by: 91_bowtie
Original Content:
Black Bear Performance will be tuning in Merriam, KS June 5-7.

The location is:
Modified by KC
6138 Merriam Drive
Merriam, KS, 66203

There is a $50 deposit, and another $200 due at the time of the tuning. Getting it done in person will eliminate the need for a CASE relearn, so that's a bonus too. Come hangout with fellow enthusiasts and get a great tune from one of the best in the business.

Justin's able to tune many of the 96-09 GM vehicles, but specializes in the following: LS1/LS2/LS6 equipped vehicles (F-Bodies, Corvettes, GTOs, TBSS's, etc) and 96+ Trucks, Vans and SUVs.

Please PayPal your deposit of $50 to [email protected]

Please put "KC TUNING TRIP" in the subject line.

If folks want spare modules the prices are as follows:
$60 - 96-00 Vortec
$100 - Gen-III
$160 ECM / $60 TCM - Gen-IV Trucks and SUVs

They will need to ship out the modules before the meet for people to install them and perform the security relearn prior to being tuned.


They're giving us a hell of a deal on the dyno time, so I hope everyone takes advantage of it.

3 pulls

2wd... $35
awd... $55

wideband $5

The dyno is a Dynojet 424x.


Friday June 5

8am rolnlow
9:15am - SweetSS24
11am thompson
1pm - JetSet96
2:15pm SSinister06
3:30pm 05 2500 HD 6.0
4:45pm - AWDVDK
6pm - GMC_Sierra 08
8:30pm SL33PR

Saturday June 6

630 Ol Red II
9:15am - Dread00
11am - 85-bowtie
1pm - 05z-71
2:15pm - dark viper42
3:30pm - kcsilveradoss
4:45pm - slowsierra93
6pm - Sparky's SSS
7:15pm -
8:30pm 2BFAST

Sunday June 7

8am - SSSkatch
9:15am - PWRTrip
11am -
1pm - Aaron C (2000 Camaro)
2:15pm 2008GMCVMAX
3:30pm Ryan L
4:45pm Ryan L

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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as far as im concerned its advertising/selling!!! the only problem is its hard to tell if he is part of that shop/company
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