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Two months ago I bought a 05 Envoy SLT that holds VIN 1GKDS13S52266619 fitted with an aftermarket radio that has a tag saying Cyber 8400, many systems do not operate like alarm and seat memory. I took it to a dealer in Amman, he found the side airbag wires removed from the yellow connector and shorted with a resistor, he said that this bypasses the sensor check and fools the system. The bigger problem that the car is showing a different VIN on the Tech II scanner, VIN 1GKDS13S152147278 is displayed.
He tried flashing the original VIN to the DDM and succeeded, when he tried flashing the BCM he got a programming failure message, he retried and same message came.
Any tips that will help me restore the original VIN to the car.
Thanks for all the help.
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