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I just wanted to give anyone who's interested a heads up that the Back to the 50s car show is coming up. June 19 - 21.

Last year they had almost 12,000 cars and over 125,000 visitors, making it one of the largest car shows in the midwest. The Minnesota State Fairgrounds is 320 acres with lots of criss-crossing streets, and nearly every available spot along every one of them has a classic car parked in it. Whether you're into Rat Rods or factory-restored classics there's something for everyone.

It's usually worth the price of admission, but in my opinion the best part is the cruising. All day and most of the night the show cars (and lots of others) can be seen cruising up and down Snelling Ave in front of the fairgrounds. Spectators bring lawn chairs and line the sides of the street for miles. Many people choose to head down to Porky Drive-In .

All in all, it's a great time. Anyone who's interested in cars will be able to find something interesting.
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