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2004 gmc
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The fronts have two pistons. I just did mine, and one trick I use is to put a hose in the bleeder and crack it a bit when pushing the pistons back. Then you can catch and discard the old fluid, and not force it back upstream past the ABS valves and seals.

The rears are easier, with just one piston. Same trick applies.

One item to be very, very careful with, as on any disk brakes, is the proper positioning and use of the spring clips. Take pictures if you need to taking them apart, or look at this exploded drawing.

How are your emergency brakes? I also did those and posted pics you can find with a search. They are more difficult to adjust, but the pads don't usually wear out unless you accidentally drive around with 'em on.




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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