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I will be changing my passenger side halfshaft this weekend. I ran into the same problem trying to procure a 35 mm socket... Started out @ Autozone and they had the 34 mm for $13.99 & 36 mm for $19.99 (no 35 mm left in stock), went to Lowe's but had no luck there, Home Depot was the same story, Sears didn't have anything close, called Napa and they had a 36 mm for $24.99, I ended up just going back to Autozone and picked up the 36 mm 1/2" drive 6 point deep socket. So I should be ready to go... Oh and I test fitted the 36 mm socket in the Autozone parking lot and it should work just fine, as long as it's not corroded on there and I hit it w/ a little PB Blaster beforehand.
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