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AWD to 2wd conversion looking for Parts

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I am looking for a TBSS 2wd crossmember and drive shaft. PM me if you have one, know of one, or know where to find one....Thanks
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also to convert to 2wd you will need the tailhousing assembly to replace the transfer case.
If I am putting a 2wd tranny in why will I need a different tail housing?
Why change the tranny at all (except for the tailhousing)? It doesn't change being 2 or 4WD.
with a 76mm turbo I am expecting some pretty significant power gains....I am pretty sure that the tranny and rear end arent going to hold up.....

Im not sure I follow the awd or 2wd thing...I am scraping the entire awd.....but I need the 2wd crossmember and driveshaft

I tried those websites...I will have to call them
i am not sure i follow what kind of tranny are you putting in there? a 2wd ss tranny is the same as the awd ss tranny except the 2wd has a tailhousing bolted to the end instead of a tcase. if your putting a different tranny then the 4L70e in your suv then you may need a custom crossmember and driveshaft. do to differnces in size and shape and crossmember bolt holes
Trans will take a dump within a few weeks if you dont build it with a turbo/supercharger. Rear end isnt an issue at all, no problems with it. Or anything AWD for that matter, I know guys running 630awhp with a built trans and thats it.
A RPM level 5 trans is going in however, what I need is are the crossmember and driveshaft from a 2wd
A RPM level 5 trans is going in however, what I need is are the crossmember and driveshaft from a 2wd
Here is what you need

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for a drive shaft you could buy one from a place specializing in drive shafts.
If you are getting a Level V, spend the extra 500 bucks and get a Level VI. The Level V has a standard ouput shaft, and it is gonna break. Mine lasted 45,000 miles, and then broke. Had to upgrade to the Level VI. My TBSS is bone stock. With power adders, don't waste your time and money---Get the Level VI.:yes:
Trannys are different. The output shaft's are different lengths from a 2wd to 4wd
I understand the different length, that is not the issue....In the Level VI trans, the ouput shaft is hardened, that makes a big difference on what it will take from the engine.
Anyone know where I can find a 2WD crossmember for sale? Thanks
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