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I am in need of someone in the massachusetts area to custom fabricate a custom turbo manifold for my 2004 bravada.....

I do have a couple machine shops in the area, that would be able to do it, but was hoping one of the guys on the forum had any idea.....

I was toying with the idea of taking a stock manifold chopping the flanges off
and flipping it around, then rewelding the flanges onto the inverted manifold....

Anybody know what the port spacing on the manifolds is????

Maybe possible a turbo I6 manifold from another car such as a supra etc would fit????

I got a quote of around $750....But then I'd have to provide the measurements of the manifold, turbo flange,wastegate flange etc....

Email me at [email protected]

Hey maybe we might even be able to mass produce these things!!!....
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