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You want the locker in the front axle?
I wouldn't. Not for something that sees regular street driving. Eaton TruTrac is all I would do and that's because of how it works. Or an e-locker.

The lunchbox locker is the same mechanism as a Detroit locker and when engaged it drives both wheels. When you turn, the outside wheel makes a bigger arc and travels farther, thus faster. What happens is the faster outside wheel ratchets ahead of the diff and the power goes to the inside wheel. It's an odd feeling but you can get used to it and it's fine on the street. Not sure I'd trust someone driving in bad weather if it was their first time with one though.

In the front it can make it push horribly because even though you turn the wheel, the inside wheel is driving. Pure offroad truck - fine, you learn to live with it, but I wouldn't if you want it for regular driving.

The K5 has full-time Posi, the rear has the Gov-Lock. I have never regretted having the hardest pull in the front because if you're just pushing from the rear, you start plowing the front tires and you won't be able to control your direction very well - especially on black ice and hard crowned roads.
My experience is the oposite. Black ice is black ice, so not really a good test and on hard crowned roads even in dry weather they'll make vehicles dance around. In normal snow, light off road I found I had to drive it hard and had to crank the wheel and gas it. It would understeer but it also would grab and pull in that direction so it all worked in the end, but normal driving with a Detroit in the front of an old 70 K10 my cousin had and it would push bad if you weren't careful. I had a Bronco and we both had 33x12.50-15 BFG AT's and I had no problems where his would push. Tires were the same but he was a lot longer, not sure what effect that had. Romping around the two did fine and off road his double lockers crushed my open / limited slip but on snow the Bronco just felt more controlled.

I suspect this is a very subjective area where some people just get used to it and like it. I can't stand FWD in the snow and will take a RWD with snow tires any day of the week over a FWD. But lots of people swear by them and hate RWD so...
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