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2009 gmc envoy_slt
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I'm in Calgary

Got my 09 Envoy in March 09 to pull my boat. No problems yet with 30K on it - nothing to even take it to the dealer for like rattles or anything. So far a winner and I hope it stays that way. I changed the oil myself last weekend and thought GM had a winner until I unscrewed the oil filter and it ran down all over the frame. I thought since I drained the oil first I'b be OK but no.
I also installed a back-up sensor system a few weeks ago (from ~$30 USD) and I really like it and was relatively easy to do. Would consider a PCM for less tuner also but am a bit apprehensive about it since I still have a warranty. Installed a tranny cooler last weekend too - quite easy with the PCM4less fittings. Seems like the right thing to do especially since I tow a boat to Glennifer Lake.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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