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2005 gmc envoy_slt_xl
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Hey guys. Another person looking to try the truck wheel swap. First off, I will obviously be using an adapter due to lug pattern. Question is do I want a 1" or 1.5"

I know I could get custom wheels that fit etc... BUT I really like the look of what I want. Figured I have the wheels, just need to paint them and get adapters.

SO the wheels I have are the Silverado stock 17" 8 whole rims. Took them off my old Silverado and never got rid of them. I know they are 17x7.5 and I want to say they have a 31 offset. I plan on using 255/65/17 AT tires. Plan is also just a 2" leveling kit.

Any thoughts on why this wouldn't work? My concern is everyones mention of the offset issues.

Attached is the wheels I am looking to put on it.


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