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Yes, I know this thread is fairly elderly...
Almost exactly five years later. I'm not certain of the miles--I don't think I recorded the mileage when I replace the manifold in '14; but I suppose about 80K since then. If I can confirm the mileage I'll add it to a later post.

I've got excess exhaust noise and not all of it is coming from the exhaust pipe joint ahead of the muffler. Yup, I think the manifold is cracked again. And the heat shield is a rusted mess.

I've been in contact with Dorman, and with Amazon. Dorman says these manifold kits are "Lifetime Warranty". Supposedly, there's a warranty-replacement manifold kit on it's way to me. I'm not seeing it on my Amazon orders page, though.

I have "30 days" to remove and replace the manifold. Amazon expects me to ship the old one back to them; and they'll provide a prepaid address label to handle the return.

I guess I'm about to find out how well that anti-seize works. I can do this...but I really didn't want to. At least I know to have the "new" manifold planed by a machinist before installation.

New O2 sensor ordered as well. That's on me, I'm paying for it. I can't see going to this much work and not stuffing a $40 sensor in the thing while I'm in there. I may order the Dorman hardware kit, too. Haven't decided for sure.
121 - 121 of 121 Posts