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i ordered mine WITHOUT the mounting holes - notice MajesticLT03 picture has the screws... i ended up just using automotive trim tape (stuff the use to mount door moldings etc.) to the original pedals... (cut out the hole area so the dirt would not stick there) and even up close you don't really see the original pedal....

the only thing that i did was to bend the new pedals so they matched the curve of the original pedals perfectly BEFORE i installed the tape....

this takes lots of patience... the curve was close but not enough for tape mounting....

tried to peel it off... to test it.... i don't think its going to now that the tape is cured...

i was going to used epoxy but after thinking about it the trim tape came to mind and even if it does fall off the original pedal is still there so no safety issues :thumbsup:

looks great!

how do they attach? Clips that fold down?
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