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2004 chevy trailblazer_lt
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For some time now my TrailLT has been into various shops and seems to have a ghost in the machine, literally speaking.

Current Issues:
Vehicle sits overnight in garage, goes to start and I always hear a squeaking noise under the hood. The belt is tight and was recently replaced, water pump was replaced (CEL Overheat DTC), Belt Tensioner replaced. No DTCs in history or CEL ON, So what can it be? Harmonic Dampener/ Balancer? Timing Cover?

At night I've noticed that my headlights flicker when I let off the accelerator pedal and then when I go to accelerate, the headlights get brighter?

Upon startup, my dashboard panel sometimes flickers on and then off and then on again, in addition to this I've notice some sort of air pump comes on in the first 30 seconds of idle while in parking. Could the Emissions Air Pump be going bad? Or is this normal operation by OEM design?

When on the expressway/highway, while accelerating I feel what seems to resemble a vibration/resonance in the accelerator pedal. This vehicle is Drive-by-wire from what I understand.

My TrailLT has 56k on it,
Maintenance up-to-date:
fuel filter
PCM replaced twice
blower motor replaced
front hubs replaced
front stab links replaced
front/rear ceramic pads / rotors
tires balance and rotated
LOF changed every 3k
-never been in an accident-

I'm hoping someone out there could shed some light on what I should look at or look into. This vehicle has been a nightmare for me and has been to ump-teen different shops. My mechanic friends even shake their heads about my TrailLT. Any advice other than "Get rid of it" would be greatly appreciated. Please help.
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