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2006 isuzu ascender
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Hello, i am aslo wanting to add home link and RKE, i was able to get a map light assm w/home link and a LGM from a wreck Envoy over the weekend and want to install it in my 06 Ascender, it has the small set of lights in the headliner, so other than cutting a hole in the headliner and putting the bracket on the roof, should just plug and play ( famous last words?), now on to the LGM, ii think i saw or read some where that if you replace that, you have to take it to the dealer to have it program to the BCM too? and if so what do they do and what do i need to tell them so i can find out how much it will cost? The Envoy had RKE from GM, confirmed by the dealer with the wrecked units vin #, just need to get remotes for it.
Any thoughts or help would apprecieated thanks
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