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2006 chevy trailblazer_lt
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after replacing battery I started having several HVAC problems.

1) Temperature has either been ALL the way hot or ALL the way cold.

2) Mode door is not changing when I push the mode button.

3) Fan keeps blowing after engine is turned off and key is removed. Have to remove the HVAC fuse to get it to turn off. (This is new just started today)

The defrost mode IS working so I took the defrost actuator and tried using it for a mode actuator. Nothing. I took the mode actuator and tried it on the defrost and it worked fine so I don't think it is the actuator. I think there is no "message" getting to the mode door actuator to actually...actuate. Any thoughts? ANYONE?

The temperature issue seemed to resolve itself while I was messing with the actuators. No idea why I didn't even start to address that issue.

The deal with the fan continueing to blow just started today. After trying to get the mode to work to no avail, I tried pulling the HVAC fuse and waiting 5 minutes to do a "hard restart" of the system. After I did that, the fan kept blowing after the key is off and removed. Does not sound like the main fan, and air does not blow out of the vents. Sounds like it is coming from just in front of the gear shift. I know it has to be HVAC because when I pull that fuse it stops.

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