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2005 chevy trailblazer_lt
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2005 Chevy TB LT I6 4x4.

I had a vibration in my steering wheel for a month or two, which was more noticeable on the highway at speeds of 65+. As it progressively got worse I finally took it in to get looked at. The shop said I needed new ball joints on both sides of my front end. I replaced the ball joints and the vibration substantially subsided but I still felt a slight vibration in the steering wheel and in the floorboard/driver's door. Also, when I looked at my passenger seat I could see it vibrating back and forth. Even further, the steering wheel was not centered (when the vehicle was going straight, the wheel was cocked to the right) and there was a pull to the left.

I then took the vehicle to NTB to get the front end aligned. The first time I went they could not set the toe completely correct because they claimed my tie rods on the left side were frozen. When I got the vehicle back the wheel was cocked to the LEFT, even further off center than it was before.

I then replaced the tie rods myself and took it to get realigned. They then claimed a camber bolt was frozen and they could not correctly align the camber.

This is where I am at now: I have a camber bolt frozen, my wheel is an eighth of a turn to the left when driving straight, the vehicle pulls right (not because of the crown in the road), the vehicle slightly vibrates (wheel, floor boards, passenger seat) when driving at speeds of 65+, and the front left camber, front right caster, and cross camber are not within spec according to most recent alignment report.

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