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2008 chevy trailblazer_lt
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OK this is driving me nuts....

Wifes '08 Trailblazer got hit sitting in driveway a while back in the passenger side front door. All repairs done and everything was fine.

Last week the airbag light came on, I got out the trusty scan tool, and checked the codes...the only code i got was B0078 (pass side sensor performance).

So I went and got a new sensor, installed it, erased codes, and two seconds later code is back.

I checked the wiring in the door with my meter all is good. I checked both of the connectors, inside door frame, and at the SDM....all good no corrosion or bad pins.

Can't get code to go away, im thinking problem is either in the wiring between door frame connector and SDM, or the SdM itself.

Found the testing procedure, but i need to find a pin out diagram for the connectors, so i can see waht pin is what number....anyone help?

Or have any other ideas...really need to get this fixed.
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