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I purchased a Pioneer head unit after my Bose factory stereo ate a CD. I weighed the cost of repair/replacement vs. going with an aftermarket and decided to go with the Pioneer for more features, etc.

That said, I took it to Best Buy for the purchase and install. Purchased the steering adapter unit and an XM tuner to go with the Pioneer HU.

Best Buy did the install. We left the factory Bose amplifier in place.

I had this thing installed in September of 2007. Took it back in October because the audio level was WAY too low and the stereo would randomly change stations, presets, etc. This would happen if I flipped on the turn signal, turned the corner or pretty much touched any other control on the steering wheel/column.

They fixed the volume. Said they fixed the "switching" problem, too. But they didn't.

Because of time constraints, I wasn't able to take it back until about May of 2008. (School and Work).

They fumbled with it for about 6 hours in their install bay. I drove away because the problem seemed to have gone away. It continued the next day.

I took it back in one more time in September again.

They went ahead and replaced the steering column adapter they originally installed. Claimed again that they fixed the problem.

Still randomly switching.

At this point, the thing randomly switches approximately twice a minute. Goes from station to station and from source to source (i.e. CD to XM to Radio).

It's driving me absolutely crazy!!

Anyone else had this problem with aftermarket adapters?


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I'm in the same boat


I had the same problem with my 05 Rainier. I went to different shops and nothins seemed to woek. I tried the PAC, Soundgate and PES wheel control adapter and no difference. I was told that the car can't have both the GMOS and the wheel control adapter at the same time therefore the malfunction. I'm still looking for a solution since I find can't accept not being able to use my wheel controls. For now, I bought the Pioneer wheel control remote but I'm not that impress with it. Let me know if you find a solution.

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