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2002 Pewter ls with automatic trans. 4x2, gray cloth interior.
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Here's the official update!
Now with 215k miles

It's fixed!

I wanted to wait as long as possible before I post my results. The confirmed overheating was caused by the Murray brand thermostat being partially stuck. After replacing the t-stat with an AcDelco and putting on at least 500+ miles, the temps been 197-206. Only time I've seen get up to 213.8+ is going up on a hill with the kickdown "3rd gear" at 3500-4300 rpm but then cools off quickly. I assume that's normal.

I recently drove 150 miles round trip and had zero issue nor any leaks the following day as before I would have some coolant leak on the ground. FYI my coolant leak is coming from the timing cover bolt on top and with the old t-stat being stuck and causing more pressure, that would cause a small puddle on the ground.

The aftermarket Clutch fan is also working 100% with no issues

Temps after driving and come to stop is 206.6 then drop to 204. I don't know if the coolant temp has anything to do with the tranny but I feel 4th gear is smoother at low rpm or could just be my imagination. lol
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