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2004 olds bravada
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I know this issue has been discussed at length but my concern is slightly different. I will explain what I intend to do and I'd appreciate if I get feedback from the knowledgeable on this board...

I have a broken o/s mirror on passenger side so I have to replace it. I'd like to install power folding mirror and replace both mirrors while I'm at it. However, I couldn't find power folding mirrors that has both the power folding option and memory pins. The one from Kool-Vue (EV34ER and EV34EL) doesn't have memory option so I'd end up loosing an existing feature.

Therefore, I plan on buying the Kool-Vue mirrors, EV35ER and EV35EL. These mirror don't have turn signals or memory feature but I intend on adding to it from the old mirrors. The turn signal shouldn't be a big issue but I am not too sure about the mirror control mechanism. Is it easy to open up the mirror assembly to get to the internals where I can swap out the mirror control module in the new mirror with the one in the old mirror. I'd have to also bring in the extra wires from the old mirror and add it to the missing prongs in the new plug.

The wiring for the power folding option has been addressed in this forum extensively and my question doesn't relate to that at all. I'd just follow what other have already done to enable power folding but I need my mirrors to have the memory feature.

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