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Hello, (forgive me if I didn't post this in the correct area, I'm new to this and not entirely sure of everything yet)

A new forum member here, I've read and searched this forum for a long time, never joined until now and I hope some of you can offer a helping hand. I've had my 2006 SS AWD since 2010 and it has 167,xxx miles on it. Recently the air conditioning just started blowing warm air one day, took it to be checked out and the mechanic indicated low charge so he recharged the system and it blew cold for about an entire day only to blow hot again, he verified no leaks by using the uv dye. He suggested compressor replacement due to O.K. low pressure side readings and very low may 40-50 psi high pressure readings. The compressor isn't cycling at all now. The lines near the accumulator are hot to the touch as well as the accumulator itself is hot.

Here's my issue...I bought a compressor used from good friend that has all the right connections, got a good deal plus a limited warranty on it (I was surprised since it is used) anyway, I found that the compressor is buried on the bottom of the motor and I've yet to find anything online to indicate how to get the thing out. A buddy suggested pulling the motor was the only option but there has to be something a little more simple. Also I'd hate to dig in to this and maybe with the help of you folks, it not be the compressor after all...I'm hoping for something simple.

On a side note, maybe totally unrelated but while the ac was working properly after recharged the engine temp gauge was smack dab in the middle between 100 and 210...hmm ...then the compressor stopped cycling and the engine temp went back to normal, slightly below 210...strange or just coincidence? it has never done that before and always has ran at has always functioned properly and ice cold prior to this happening out of now where...sorry for the long rant and I hope to hear some ideas from you experienced folks.

Thank you and take care.

Daniel :)
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