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I have noticed a rattle coming from the back of my 2009 GMC Envoy. I am having the hardest time figuring out what it is and where it's coming from! I did the suspension and sawybar but it doesn't sound like it is any of those. It almost sounds plastic, not a metal sound. I thought that maybe the spare tire somehow got loose, I re-tightened it, but the noise is still there.
Could it be the swaybar (Hotchkis) due to it being a bit larger. Maybe hitting the trailing arms or tranny? I looked but it's not showing any signs of touching any other parts..
Could the rear bumper be getting loose??
I am only noticing it at lower speeds, when I enter or exit a driveway or go over bumps/ or pot holes in the road..
Once on the highway - nothing!

Anyone have any ideas??
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