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2005 gmc envoy_slt_xl
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Bought a 2005 ENVOY XL with Manual A/C front and rear. The bad stuff has now hit the fan. Was told (by the dealer from whom I bought the car a year ago) that A/C Compressor is dead and that orifice would have to be replace along with compressor.
1. Are there 2 orifices in this vehicle with the front and rear A/C?
2. Would the accumulator need to be replaced as it may have "accumulated" debris from the compressor?
3. What else might need to be replaced?
4. Dealer said the A/C would be vacuumed but not flushed. Is it possible to flush an A/C system to get any other debris particles out?
5. They also said that the rear control unit was bad ($397) Don't know how they knew that since the A/C in-general was not working.
Their total for the job would be right around $2000. I asked for my car back and paid them their $100 for labor and A/C diagnostic efforts.
there are very few places around here that specialize in automotive A/C systems, although most advertise that they can do the work.
Not happy. Any answers to the above would be appreciated
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