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2004 gmc envoy_slt
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I'm going through the same problem right now. If I let the my 2004 Envoy (I-6) idle too long after starting it the condenser overheats and blows off freon. You can hear it when it does this, kinda sounds like when air breaks blead. The system is then low on freon and the driver side air is warmer than the passenger side. I have re-charged the system a couple times only to have it blow out again.

I think the problem is the radiator fan is not fully engaging when i start the car. I am able to stop the fan with my hand and there is virtually no air flow from the fan. After the motor heats up the fan starts to engage blows good. Is the fan clutch bad or is it some other problem? I want to make sure before I spend $200 on a fan clutch and the labor to replace it.
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