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I made a huge mistake today - my A/C hasn't been running very cold so I decided to recharge (I've done this before on other vehicles). Pressure seemed low, around 38 PSI, so I put in a can. Well, pressure didn't change very much, so I put in another. I definitely put in way too much - as I revved the engine I heard a huge hissing sound for a few seconds... followed by my "oh crap". I immediately bled off a lot of r134 from the system, the engine was not running happy until I bled off even more.

For some reason, the pressure gauge wasn't registering correctly. After I let the car cool off for a while and started it back it, I let the A/C run for a bit and then checked pressure again. It was INCREDIBLY high now (70 PSI+!) on the gauge, so I bled it off until it was around 50 PSI. I'm surprised nothing blew up in my face.

Engine is running OK, and A/C is nice and cool... but - did I do any permanent damage? It was about 90 degrees outside when I was doing this, maybe that affected pressure readings? I just wondered if I should have an A/C specialist check anything while the compressor is still working to avoid replacement.

Thanks - I won't be trying this again myself. :suicide:

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