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2006 buick rainier
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Hello everyone,
Thanks for your help in advance!
2006 Buick Rainier, 125,000, dual climate with auto control. No major problems. Everything was working fine until yesterday. AC would blow cold in front and rear. Today blower and front controls work fine, but no A/C at all and rear controls show off when you press the rear power button. I have checked the fuses, swapped out the relays, A/C compressor will not kick on.
I have read thru a hundred post and cant find anything similar. Ive tried jumping the LPS still no compressor. Changed the part under the glove compartment (cant remember name) last year as blower was going crazy then. Don't think is would be low on Freon as it has been blowing real cold one day and then nothing. I would think if it was low on Freon then it would have not been blowing as cold as it did. Don't know if its related? but it has been throwing a P0128 code which I understand is the Thermostat, haven't had it changed yet, just been clearing the code. Don't know where to start? the rear controls not working and just showing "OFF" has me suspect of controller. Thanks for your help!
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