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2005 Trailblazer 6cyl
From the begining. I replaced the ignition module in the steering column about 6 months ago. Now if you jiggle the ignition after you remove the key, 2 dash lights will stay on without the key even in the ignition. I know why...its the little cogs on the side of the module...nevertheless, I left the 2 lights on and it completly drained the battery. After jumping the truck off I now get this grumble from the A/C when it cycles. Question - If your A/C is on it still cycles on and off to prevent freeze up, correct? If that is true every time it cycles ... every 2 or 3 minutes I hear a grumble, passenger side around a/c compresor. When you kill the truck with the A/C going this grumble is very pronounced. Is it just coincidence that this A/C thing happened when I jumped the truck or is it a true A/C issue independent of the jump start. The A/C still works.
Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post.
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