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Thankfully, the cost of several key components has become more reasonable to make this swap a more competitive (and in some cases less expensive) proposition to alternative 4 speed automatic "upgrades." For Pro/Con details of this conversion please follow this link:

With that I am happy to present the TBMSport 6 Speed Automatic Conversion September Special. I have taken the time to get (almost) everything you need to perform this swap as painlessly and quickly as possible for '2007-09 TBSS ONLY.

:cool:Here's what you get for RWD $4595 SHIPPED(CONUS):
- 6L90 RWD Transmission( w/Torque Converter-Dipstick) Low Mileage, Recycled unit with 90 day warranty (6L80 is N/C option, but why?:undecided)
- NEW Transmission Cooler lines & fittings
- NEW custom yoke fitting for driveshaft
- NEW TBMSport Plug & Play T42-T43 Interface Module & Harness
- NEW Handheld plug in programmer for ECM & TCM reflash (Dyno tune still required for maximum performance/emissions/shift tuning to driver's liking)

:yes:AWD additional $1050 SHIPPED*(CONUS):
- NEW Aluminum Transmission to Transfer Case Adapter
- NEW 6L80/90 Specific Input Shaft for transfer case
- *Parts will not ship until Early October 2013

:no:What is not included and/or you have to provide:
- Custom alteration and rebalancing of your driveshafts (OEM RWD aluminum driveshaft cores available)
- Minor alteration to OEM transmission mount (not the crossmember)

:undecidedWant to provide your own transmission?
- Due to the wide range of specification that exists with 6L80/90 transmission (because of the varying internal components that GM specifies for the original equipment vehicles such as TCM, Torque Converter, Clutches, etc.), this is NOT recommended. Selecting the wrong 6L80/90 transmissions will result in issues that range from but are not limited to 'bricking' a $650 TCM module, destroying clutches, inconsistent performance, intermittent or non functioning electronic functions, and/or other drivetrain damage/failure. Because the 6L80/90 is an adaptive shifting transmission, high mileage transmissions are not supplied as they can mask clutch wear.
:x:x- NO guarantee will be given for the performance and subsequent issues of transmissions that TBMSport does not spec and provide.:x:worried:

:eek:With that said::woohoo:
- the RWD September Special WITHOUT a transmission, torque converter, dipstick, yoke, and cooling lines: $2250 SHIPPED CONUS
- the AWD September Special WITHOUT a transmission, torque converter, dipstick, yoke, and cooling lines: $3345 SHIPPED CONUS

PM me for details and the most up to date availability as price and availability are subject to change without notice.
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