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2006 gmc envoy_denali
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I was looking through the forum and I found a lot of posts about eliminating the resonator on envoys and replacing with a straight pipe with tip of choice but has anyone cut the factory tip right after the resonator right before it starts to curve and found a tip to slide over and clamp or weld? I used my digital gauge and it looks like it’s 2.75” outer diameter so I assume a trip would have to be a little under 3 inner diameter or have some sort of adapter.

Does anyone have a video online with factor exhaust without the resonator? I am curious how much louder it is. As much as I want to make it louder it is my DD and it’s not bad with the mild gurgling it has. Been there done that on loud. 02 trans am ws6 with corsa exhaust, 02 mustang got with mac exhaust, 87 K5 with flowmaster exhaust lol.

But like I said I just hate the goofy factory turn down, I would just want to cut it on the outlet of the resonator and put a straight tip similar to how the TBSS have.

Thanks and sorry if this is redundant
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