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Fuse was replaced with no luck. The light for 2wd 4auto 4hi & 4low does not light up when switching. I used 4X4 lightly last week to clime a small sand hill on a two track didnt really need 4X4 but didnt want to get stuck in Norther lower Michigan. The truck has never been beat, we bought it new 2002 has 161K miles with little or no problems except at 102K the ignition wiring needed cleaning per GM service bulletin ,service shop charged me over $700 claimed it was the computor. Stay away from Flecthers in Tucson AZ the one on Valencia anyway. Any help would be great. Thanks Don[616]745-4430 [email protected]
do you get a light saying service 4WD? my light comes on rarely i called stealership and they said it might be the switch
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