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Its a bit of a curious situation in our parts.

First off, there are no designated ORV (multi-use) trails in Ontario like they have in Colorado, or Virgina, or North Carolina, etc. (with the little "jeep" sign).

I have never seen an official sign anywhere that says "4 wheel drive required" like this one:

The closest we get are signs that say "no winter maintenance beyond this point" or "road not maintained". With this you can get anywhere from a few bumps in the gravel to completely impassible. But its still marked as a road on my topo maps.

Then there are the snowmobile trails. These are open to drive on after Victoria Day and before the first snowfall. Most of them do not go through private land but that is what you have to watch out for. The snowmobile clubs pay for the use of private land in the winter only, but summer is off limits.

Then there are the forest roads through Crown Land, Provincial parks, conservation areas, county forests, etc. Some are posted where only light motorized vehicles are allowed (ATVs), others are gated, while others are open.

And finally there are the trails that follow power transmission lines. Again, as long as they are not posted private property, they should be OK.

The problem is that there is no central store of information for all this. The best way to get the info is to join a local club as they are the keepers of this information locally and usually do not openly share the info because mostly everybody is afraid of closures due to misuse. Its an unfortunate reality.

There is one overseeing group that is trying to forward the cause:

But it has been a slow road, There is mostly information on what is closed in the Bulletin Board, but not very much more.

Hope this can help you get started.

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