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Hi everybody,
First post on here.
I thought I would share the brand wheel and tire combo I have on my 2007 Trailblazer for anyone who was looking for exact details. As most know, the same size tires in a different brand doesn't guarantee they will not rub. My combination does not need any cutting or control arm modifications whatsoever. The ride is amazing, they are quiet and the tires are good for 65k miles.
I wanted bigger diameter tires like most people on this forum to fill the huge TB wheel wells. I also wanted to go as far out as I could (parallel to the truck) without being a stone chucker. This combination does all that.

Installed is a Rough Country 2" leveling kit.
Cooper Discoverer HTP II tires (265/70/17) 31.6" diameter
375 Warrior Wheels @ 17"x8.5" with a +25 offset

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