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My Envoy has 77,000 miles. It has performed fairly well since purchasing new in 2005. It hasn't left me stranded (yet) and hasn't had any repairs other then routine maintenance such as changing oil, one transmission fluid change, and rotors/pads. But, it has not had that new off-the-lot feel for quite some time until I did these 3 things.

1. Throttle body cleaning
2. Bilstein HD's front and rear
3. Transmission flush

I'm not saying it's brand new or you'll get the same results as I did, but I actually like driving it again and will keep it around a while longer.

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Park on a flat surface and get out your tape measure. Measure to the top of the wheel well opening to see how much you're raked in the front. To get it level, buy just the right amount of spacer from and then read up in the offroad forum to see how to install a spacer lift. Dozens of members have done it.
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