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2008 chevy
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The tires I want to get aren't available in 245/65R18 (stock size).
The ones I want are Goodyear Silent Armor which I had (2nd set) on the 2006 TB LS I totaled 11/24/12. Wanted to take them off the wreck but insurance and storage garage were not cooperative plus too far away and I had nothing to drive.
They wore well (1st set 60k+) and have excellent year-round traction for my mostly on-road needs.
The "smallest" 18" GY I can find in that tread design is 255/70R18.

Will the 255/70R18 on factory 18" rims fit on my 2008 Trailblazer LT (3LT) with sufficient space to allow for snow build-up on inner fenders without interfereing with steering? We can get some pretty nasty lake-effect snow around here.

Don't want to buy a lift kit or spacers if I don't have to.
I also don't want to buy a set of 17" rims which is my next option.
I would be open to a trade.
[email protected]

Thanks in advance,
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